A video game breaking cultural norms

Light Bringer Game Cover

Light Bringer is an upcoming open-world action video game. Explore the vast wildlands in your fight against the social issues which plague South Africa. You bring light to the dark corners of society by doing good. Fight against poachers, stop car thieves and avenge domestic violence on your quest.


Superb 4k graphics bring the game to life

Light Bringer 4k Graphics

Ultra high definition graphics optimized for the best performance possible. Sun shafts, depth of field and shaders provide a cinematic feel to the gameplay. 4K support is avaliable for high end systems.


16 km² map without loading screens

Light Bringer Open world

16 km² of wildlands lie ahead of you, littered with rural townships and farms. The landscape is based on beautiful South Africa. Lakes, grassy plains and wild animals populate the world. Explore the vast world without the hinderance of loading screens.


Emile Ferreira Game Developer

Emile Ferreira

I've been developing Light Bringer© for the past few months. Usually video games are developed by a team of creators - each playing their part. So it's a daunting task to create your own video game - especially when you're 17 - but with help from the Unity5 engine I've made groundbreaking progress. I had to learn c# programming and familiarize myself with 3D modelling software in order to create a unique and interactive environment for the player to explore.

I'm passionate about creating. Every stage of this journey is an adventure in itself which I can't wait to share with the world.